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Oceama Underwater Toypedo

Oceama Underwater Toypedo

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Toy torpedo for underwater fun!

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Product description

TOYPEDO - The Original Underwater Torpedo

The Toypedo has become world-famous as an underwater toy, copied many times, imitated, but there is simply only this one original underwater torpedo in this high quality, so perfectly balanced, with so many different uses.

High quality construction with integrated air chamber

Built from high quality solid rubber, the exact weight and special shape are calculated very precisely so that the Toypedo can float the perfect glide path you expect from it. In addition, this original underwater torpedo has, compared to inferior imitations, a built-in air chamber at the tip, so that it can glide optimally balanced through the water. Of course, the thrower has to show some skill and throw the Toypedo absolutely straight, like a dart, so that it glides quickly and evenly through the water. With a successful throw, the underwater rubber torpedo can travel up to 10-15 m before it sinks to the bottom.

Only suitable for water rats

Since it sinks to the ground at the end of its glide path if it is not caught, and must be collected again from there, only experienced water fans should play or train with the Toypedo underwater. For children or non-swimmers, the use of the underwater torpedo is only recommended in shallow water or under the supervision of adults or experienced swimmers, who must ensure that the children do not stay underwater too deep or for too long and may overestimate themselves.

Good underwater training for water fans

Various underwater games with the solid rubber torpedo are definitely a good training to optimise one's diving and swimming skills, and of course also for children to improve their handling of water, but in the latter case only under the supervision of experienced swimmers.

The Toypedo is not only popular as a toy for children, but also for divers who want to improve their buoyancy and body coordination underwater, with or without equipment, for snorkelling groups or other underwater sports teams.

You can play simple back-and-forth throwing or catching games, organise two opposing teams, attempt goal kicks or practice target shooting - it's always fun underwater with the Toypedo!

Each Toypedo is unique

Since they are cast in one piece from solid rubber of different mixed colours to ensure a perfect material density and structure without predetermined breaking points, each solid rubber torpedo has a unique colour structure and is therefore one of a kind. The picture in our online diving shop is only an example and the individual colour compositions and designs cannot be selected. But each Toypedo is colourful and individual, which is a good thing if you need to distinguish your own Torpedo from the others.


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Underwater Toypedo

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Toy torpedo for underwater fun!

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