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Dive lights come in many types, but which light should you choose?


A distinction is made between primary dive lights, backup dive lights and video lights.

You usually use a primary lamp during your dive and it is often larger and has a large light output and a backup lamp is often more compact and usually gives less light.


Primary dive light:

In addition to illuminating the environment, the primary dive light is mainly used for underwater communication.

For this it is important that it has a tight beam of light of 5 to 10 degrees with a corona around it, which illuminates the environment.

When purchasing, make sure that the lamp provides enough light, but not too much.

Particularly in cloudy water, particles floating in the water will reflect the light and cause scattering.

The burning time of the lamp is also important, because you don't want it to suddenly go out during the dive because the battery is empty.


Backup dive light:

These lamps are usually used as a spare diving lamp, if your primary diving lamp unexpectedly breaks down and a tight bundle is also nice for communication.

The advantage of a rechargeable backup lamp is that you can always burn test it.

This allows you to test in advance how long the lamp burns on a full battery charge.


Video lights:

An ordinary diving lamp usually gives light spots on photo and video images because the image sensor is partially overexposed due to the concentration of the light.

It is better to use a lamp with Flood light (a scattered light beam).

The larger the light angle, the less bothered by light spots on your photo or film.

You actually want to illuminate the entire frame of the photo or film as evenly as possible.

For this reason, 2 or more video lamps are often used.

You can also use a diffuser to better spread the light from the lamp.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about which lamp suits you best.


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