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You see more and more underwater scooters on the waterfront, so it is the ultimate way to move
around underwater without using a lot of breathing gas.
To be able to rely on your scooter in your dive planning, it is necessary to have your scooter serviced
Especially in technical dives, where you cannot go to the surface to solve your problem, you must be
able to rely on your equipment.
You can contact Scuba Support for the maintenance of your underwater scooter, whether it is a Suex,
Gavin, Silent Submersion or DiveX DPVs, we often have the parts in stock as standard. In addition to
more than 20 years of experience and a large stock of parts, we also have many special tools in our
workshop to ensure that your scooter is also tested after maintenance, such as a burn test for the
battery pack and a vacuum system to test the scooter for airtightness so to check if the scooter
compartments are waterproof.
We offer repair, maintenance, modification and advice for various brands, specializing in the Suex,
Gavin and Silent Submersion.

Scuba Support is gecertificeerd service center voor Suex onderwaterscooters

SUEX Underwater scooters
In addition to a Suex Premium dealer, Scuba Support is also a Certified Suex Service Center and we can
service your underwater scooter according to the strict factory requirements of Suex and keep it in
top condition!
In addition to 20 years of experience, we have the Suex knowlage base, specialized tools and test
procedures, whether it concerns the older Zeuxo, XK, Xjoy and HDV models or the new systems to
which the Erron board computers can be connected.
We also have a large stock of underwater scooter parts and accessories and we have a modern
workshop with many specialized tools for repairs to these DPVs.

Service aan Onderwaterscooters

How does that work with DPV maintenance?
You bring your scooter to us, complete with batteries and charger and we register the data in our
Subsequently, the service is scheduled and the underwater scooter is transferred to our workshop.
In our workshop, the battery is checked and placed on the charger, to check the battery and charger
and to prepare the battery for the burn test, a test to determine the condition of the battery.
When the battery charger indicates that the battery is full, the battery is disconnected and set aside
for an hour to 'relax', after which it is connected to the burntester.
With a constant load, the battery is discharged and the time it takes is recorded, giving an accurate
picture of the battery's condition.

Suex has put together service kits for the scooter models containing all parts that need to bereplaced during the service. We only use original service parts during maintenance.

XK1 nose cone wordt schoongemaakt

Vervuilde nose cone van een Suex Scooter

The Suex Nose cone is disassembled and cleaned.
Often there is sand and dirt between the knob and the nose cone, which must be removed to
prevent wear due to sanding.

The seals around the knob and the o-ring seal of the nosecone are also replaced and greased again.
Then the nose cone is checked for leakage with the vacuum tester

Demontage Suex XK DPV Nose cone

The body is removed from the DPV, checked and cleaned, so that we can access everything in the
engine part of the underwater scooter.

Suex backend gedemonteerd voor onderhoud

The Back-end, also called Engine part or compartment, is the technical heart of the scooter.
This includes the motor with the gear transmission, the motor control, the trigger mechanism, the
motor seal, etc.
We start with the motor, we first blow it clean with compressed air to make sure that the carbon of
the carbon brushes does not accumulate in the motor, this can cause it to close with all the damage
that entails.

Koolborstels controleren van de Suex motor

We also check the carbon brushes and the collector of the motor for wear and if necessary the
collector is polished and the carbon brushes are replaced.
If the collector is badly burned in, the collector will have to be turned in a lathe.
We remove the propeller from the scooter, sometimes hairs, water plants or fishing lines are
wrapped around the shaft. This can cause damage to the motor seal, resulting in leakage.

Waterplanten in motorseal

Suex Olie gevulde motor seal van onderwaterscooter

Gavin Underwater scooters
Silent Submersion Underwater scooters
What do we do with maintenance on your scooter?

When we receive the scooter from you for the service, it will be entered into our system with your
data and any problems with the DPV will be noted.
Then the scooter goes on to our workshop, where it is disassembled by our specialist, serviced and tested.
The motor is blown clean and free of carbon, the collector is also polished.
Carbon brushes are checked and replaced if necessary.
O-rings are replaced and seals are checked for watertightness.
All compartments are vacuum tested to ensure they are watertight.
A burn test is performed on the battery, a check to determine whether the battery's capacity is still good.
This way we can prevent problems and extend the life of the scooter.

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