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Anchor Dive Lights Duiklamp MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld
Anchor Dive Lights Duiklamp MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld
Anchor Dive Lights Duiklamp MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld
Anchor Dive Lights Duiklamp MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld

Anchor Dive Lights Duiklamp MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld

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MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld

The 72 degree dive light head of the MULROY has a wide even beam generating great illumination and providing a large pool of light, something that makes night diving in clear water an even greater experience.

Because it produces no hotspot it is a great camera-focusing light that will not unduly upset the sea-life. It is also very useful in bad visibility as you don’t get the large amounts of back-scatter associated with a spot.

The 72 degree beam casts a large pool of light and reduces glare, making it easy to read instruments and computers and the big footprint increases the chances of you seeing something special.

The Mulroy is named after Mulroy bay Co Donegal Ireland. Mulroy bay is a relatively small bay and sea loch on the north coast of Donegal. Its name meaning “Bay of the Red Current” or “Bay of the Red Stream” in Irish, it offers plenty of alternatives for great dives for divers of all levels.


More details

·               The MULROY is a perfect dive light for diving in both murky water during the day and at night. It has a wide even 376 lux beam which enables easy reading of dive computers and instruments in an emergency due to the lack of glare.

·               The light comes with a combination of strobe and SOS modes which is a safety feature.

·               The light has a replaceable and rechargeable 18650 lithium battery sourced direct from Panasonic.

·               The expected burn time at 100% output is 70 minutes.

·               Three output intensity levels of 100%, 50% and 25% enables very long durations over multiple dives or extended durations when battery is low.

·               Power indicator

·               Led battery indicator:

o               Blue – over 60% available

o               Green – 30-60% available

o               Red – 10-30% available

o               Flashing Red – less than 10%.

·               When the battery level gets very low the torch shuts down saving the battery memory. This battery protection makes sure that you can have many more dives without needing to replace the battery.

·               The light has an overheat protection. It turns off automatically should the light head get too hot. This saves burning out the LED and electronics.

·               Double and Triple O-Ring design ensures water tightness even at extreme depths.

·               The aviation grade anodized aluminium gives strength and longevity.


Body type

The handheld version includes the light head, body,  battery, charger  and soft-case.

Extra battery (optional)

Diving more than 2 dives per day or diving on a liveaboard? Add that extra spare battery! Each battery takes 4 hours to charge from empty.


Li-Ion battery 18650 extra or replacement for handheld version of the ARRAN or MULROY.

20.00 €18.00

Charge  Your Battery (included)

TERMON - Charging Pod

Charging dock for the 18650 battery for the ARRAN and MULROY (series 1K). Input 5V DC and 5V micro USB.

The charger has a LED light indication for the charging status. With this charger you can charge your battery at home (230V) as well as in your car or boat (12V).


Hold Your Light – BENBAUN Goodman Glove (recommended)

Did you ever hold something which you didn’t want to let go? We think the same about our dive lights, never let go. A common way of holding our dive torches is with our modular BENBAUN Goodman glove where you can still have use of both hands.

BENBAUN - Goodman Glove

Our BENBAUN custom goodman glove goes over an existing glove or bare hand and it can be used with all our ARRAN and MULROY, handheld as well as umbilical lights.


Technical specifications


·         Battery Power Display
·         Low Electric Alarm
·         Low Electric Protection
·         Temperature Protection
·         Battery anti-reverse Protection


Light modes & Intensities

·         The MULROY has 3 light modes:
·         Spot
·         SOS
·         Strobe
·         The MULROY has 3 light intensities:
·         100%
·         50%
·         25%


Lens attributes

·         Lumens: 1000 Lumens
·         Beam Angle: 72 degree Wide
·         LUX: 376 LUX
·         Colour temperatuur: ~6500K
·         Bulb Technology: CREE XM-L U2 LED


Battery details

·         Battery cell: 18650 Li-Ion
·         Voltage: 3.7V
·         Capacity: 2,600MAh
·         Rechargable: Yes
·         Protection: Yes
·         Charge time: 4 hours
·         Burn Time:
·         at 100%: 70-80 minutes
·         at 50%: 2,5 Hours
·         at 25%: 5 hours



·         Aviation grade aluminium

Weight & measures

·         Length: 140mm
·         Diameter head: 35.2mm
·         Total in water weight: […]
·         Light Head: ~131g
·         18650 Battery: ~49g
·         Total weight above water:~180g
·         Charger and Cable: ~50g
·         Packaging: ~100g

Depth rating

·         Tested: 100 meters
·         Maximum inwater depth test: 115 meters


What’s in the box?

·         MULROY light head
·         Body
·         Battery
·         2 spare O-rings small
·         O-ring remover
·         Charger pod
·         USB cable
·         Wrist lanyard
·         Tank sticker




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Duiklamp MULROY Series 1K Wide - Handheld

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